Service Delivery Platform

  • Service Providers offer a wide range of service to the subscribers including subscription based and non- subscription based services. Arad ITC’s SUMx – the unified Subscription manager offers variety on charging mechanisms, subscription renewal patterns, notifications, types of offers etc. It is capable of managing end-to-end subscription of services with multiple options for creating & offering VAS services, IN services, Bundled packs etc. SUMx acts as a single point of charging interface for all third party service providers like content partners, content aggregators and application service providers.

    • Product catalogue management
    • Flexible charging models based on subscription patterns
    • Multiple communication channels supported
    • Subscription renewal cycle – auto or manual
    • End to end subscription life cycle management
    • Web based user friendly GUI to manage(add/modify) services on the fly
    • Additional monetization opportunities using in built Ad-insertion
    • Multi lingual support for better customer experience
    • Personalized experience using tailored products and communications
    • Plug and Play with any existing
    • Revenue enhancements with cross
    • Smart pricing for better control of the consumer behavior

    Arad ITC’ Business Reporting & Analytics provides complete business intelligence platform that incorporates data integration, business analytics, MIS reporting, data mining and management dashboards. It provides the dynamic data presentation based on the underlying pre-processed data layer. The data extraction and management is governed by the BIG DATA platform providing the flexibility in management and creation of customized business reports. Business user can create its own reports based on any criteria in real time using the drag-drop web based user friendly interface.

    • Efficient and intelligent way to store & process ‘Business Information’.
    • ETL based data collection and processing.
    • OLAP based reporting methodology.
    • On demand report generation.
    • Support for report designer wizard.
    • Flexible report formats, display & presentation.
    • Cost Efficiency and Revenue Enhancements with Better Control
    • Automated Delivery and Notifications for Better Operational Efficiency
    • Better Alignment with Business Strategy and Vision
    • Improving The Business Decision Making Process
    • Responding to User Needs for Availability of Data On Timely Basis
    • Unified View of Presentable Data for Service Provider

    Arad ITC’s Customer care solution integrated with Service delivery platform provides a GUI based interface which allows customer care agents to manage the subscriber’s data and their requests/complaints for VAS and content services. The solution supports multiple roles and different privileges associated with each role. The customer care can be integrated with existing service provider’s CRM through APIs or can be provided as a standalone web interface.

    • Single GUI with all the subscriptions and charging details.
    • Common screen to Activate / De-Activate Services.
    • Real time/updated information about the customer and its services.
    • Multi-lingual Support specific to markets.
    • API support for CRM integration.
    • Provides profile based VAS/Content offers to the agent.
    • Provides opportunities for CC agents for upsell with recommended offers
    • Improved efficiency in handling Customer grievances
    • Single access point for CC agents for the Subscribers end to end services and history
    • Comprehensive view of customer care queries through ticket management
    • Improves work efficiency of the agents and thus reduce operation costs through simple and exhaustive CC portal
    • Faster turn-around for customer queries compared to support provided over traditional channels

    Our Single IVR platform helps in enhancing the subscriber's interaction with the required services in a very interactive and user friendly way. IVR System automates interactions with telephone callers using pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers and response collection through Voice inputs and DTMF entries. The system is capable for defining the IVR menu flows using the GUI provided or through VXML scripts.

    • Dynamic IVR menu management.
    • Call management and call control.
    • Work flow management.
    • Inbuilt rating engine to handle the service charging.
    • Media platform for network integration.
    • Graphical service creation environment.
    • Allow each business to manage their own application with single IVR deployed in private cloud model
    • Decrease integration cost
    • Seamlessly and efficiently migrate existing application with proven expertise
    • Consolidate on a single IVR infrastructure to reduce operating cost
    • Drive new revenue stream with innovative VAS application
    • Reduce Time to market for new application
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