Payment & Commerce

  • Qerun Arad ITC’s Mobile financial suite enables the subscribers to use their mobile handset to do the monetary transactions in a secured environment. It allows multiple services including payment, banking solutions, m-wallets, remittance, and profile-driven value-added services. Qerun supports business requirements of service providers across various industries by providing solution with E-recharge, Mobile Money and M-wallet to meet the diverse needs of the customer. The platform also facilitates the prepaid voucher based recharge distribution and allows consumers to directly recharge their prepaid account through various channels including the web, client app, kiosks, ATMs, STK and USSD, or recharge across the counter through merchants.

    • Enablement with telco for both unbanked and banking users.
    • Compliance with industry standards PCI DSS and Advance security.
    • Faster, mobility and reliable.
    • Unified customer account for all payments.
    • Merchant Integration and Management.
    • Common API to operator's network.
    • Better control of money and instant payment for the services
    • Financial Services available at the touch
    • Greater reach to non-banked subscribers
    • Multiple services payment, banking solutions, secure transactions, and profile-driven value-added services
    • NEW channels of revenue for service providers
    • Secured communication with the payment gateway

    E-Recharge an electronic voucher less solution that allows recharge of a prepaid account via a standard handset. E-Recharge helps carriers to build and manage relationship with prepaid subscribers, Increase distribution channels, and provide electronic replenishment for voucher and non-voucher based prepaid mobile systems. System supports multiple access channels like SMS, IVR, STK, USSD, WEB, WAP, POS, Dealer, and Customer care.

    • Distribution Management allows multiple level of re-seller and distributor hierarchy.
    • Dealer Profile Management Using a GUI.
    • Allows access through different channels.
    • Multiple API’s provided by the system for different channels
    • 3rd party systems to connect and perform various transactions supported by the system.
    • Fraud Management.
    • Automatic Transaction update and notifications
    • Convenience - pay at the point of sale (POS) Facility available
    • Multiple channels supported with seamless customer experience
    • Refill anytime anywhere
    • Security - Leverage cloud-based security to ensure your customers' personal and payment information is never stored on the phone or exposed to the POS
    • Speed - Decrease the time your customers spend checking out at a store and waiting for cash at the ATM to increase satisfaction and loyalty

    Voucher Management System (VoMS) helps operators produce a rapid return on investment by streamlining and enhancing the service provider's distribution process whilst improving access, convenience, and service delivery to existing subscribers. With VoMS operators can achieve the major goals of subscriber growth, customer satisfaction, and retention. It is a component which supports the service providers with the management of vouchers and recharging of user accounts by mapping between the talk time and the validity. Arad ITC's Voucher Management System takes care of generation, management, and distribution of voucher PINs, which can be used to apply a fixed denomination or subscriber defined amount. It supports all types of vouchers to increase the recharge flexibility of subscribers including only validity, talk time with validity, change of plan for a fix period, distribution of money into sub-accounts and so on.

    • End to end Voucher Life Cycle Management.
    • Voucher creation supports rate card name, quantity, distributor, voucher description, package and expiry date.
    • Supports multiple channels for voucher usage.
    • Enhanced encryption mechanism allows control over voucher printing, storing & usage transactions.
    • Flexible rate card denominations with fix and range access.
    • Inbuilt batch management system for generation, loading & status check/change.
    • Automated tracking and management of life cycle of vouchers leading to OPEX reduction
    • Decreases loss caused by frauds and enriched user experience
    • Enhances the reach of service provider to remote areas with physical vouchers
    • Multi-tenant support with centralized and distributed management options
    • Reduced Time to market with pre-configured offer change vouchers, VAS vouchers etc.
    • Simplifies voucher distribution logistics with hierarchy management

    Mobile Wallet gives subscribers a safe, easy to use and secure virtual wallet which can be used for various mobile based monetary transactions. It allows Service providers to offer payment services, secure transactional services, and profile-driven value-added services. The Solution enables them to provision a wide variety of payment services directly to subscribers. The M-Wallet facility is targeted towards the banked customer profile, specifically those with access to internet banking, mobile banking and credit cards. The cash-in facility would allow such a customer to transfer cash into his prepaid MFT from his bank account or credit card account.

    • Mobile access over multiple channels like SMS, USSD, IVR, WEB, WAP, NFC as well as handset and SIM application.
    • Subscriber/Merchant lifecycle management.
    • Merchant registration for supporting the multiple mobile payments.
    • M-wallet creation by transaction type, volume, value, time.
    • Flexible Custom based Taxation Engine for the commission and taxing calculation based on the zones.
    • AML limits based channel and/ or payment instrument.
    • Convenience of paying at the point of sale (POS)
    • Links multiple range of cards to make payments
    • Money transfer to mobile wallet customers (P2P, P2B and B2P)
    • Outspreading banking facilities at the touch
    • Remit money domestically or internationally
    • Transparency and more secured transactions
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