Network Solutions

Network Solutions

  • Arad ITC’s Government Solutions Program provides the complete solution for the development of voice and data networks, from planning and purchasing all the way to certified installation. Working through our manufacturing and distribution partners, we produce the best-valued Made in America products on the market today. And with our network of certified contractors, our government customers receive a total solution, including nationwide and international contractor coverage. As a leading manufacturer with a 10-year history, we are proud to be an industry leader you can count on. Call us. We'll help you develop the ideal solution for your needs today and in the future. Let Leviton support your acquisition strategy.

    Across the globe, Arad ITC is focused on delivering innovative and relevant IT enterprise solutions that give businesses the winning edge in a constantly evolving landscape. We provide Network Services, Cyber Security Solutions, Data Centre and Cloud Hosting Services, Unified Communications to enable a seamless experience for your corporation. Coupled with a robust global network IT infrastructure, managed services, and a team of professionals with deep local and regional knowledge, you can focus on growing in Asia faster and more cost-effectively.

    The use of cloud computing is rapidly accelerating. As more employees use their devices to access cloud applications, enterprises are faced with new connectivity, latency and security challenges. Hybrid networks help businesses address this issue. They combine high-performing multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) networks for business-critical applications, and cost-effective internet links for less important connectivity needs. Importantly, they have the ability to connect employees to cloud-based business systems using their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. With Arad ITC’s Managed Hybrid Network, enterprises have a full understanding of their applications’ traffic flows and can select the best network to meet performance objectives, based on real-time reporting. This intelligent network service, enabled by Smart Routing-as-a-Service, automatically assigns the best paths for your web-based and cloud applications, while ensuring quality of service between the MPLS network and the internet. At the same time, enterprises can be assured their network is protected with Arad ITC’s suite of basic and advanced security services, or Unified Threat Management (UTM) features.

    • Extensive coverage
    • Smart routing
    • Robust Security
    • Cloud access gateway
    • Helps reduce connectivity costs without compromising performance
    • Delivers enhanced and highly-scalable network coverage
    • Ensures applications perform to service level agreements
    • Improves WAN governance to ensure business continuity
    • Secure access to give peace of mind

    Today's highly connected businesses need to deliver a wide range of IT services to their employees, partners and customers. However, locating the IT infrastructure that delivers these services at your own premise requires large investment in network and hardware, not to mention the ongoing operational cost involved. In addition, running and in-house facility also means on-going maintenance of support systems, such as environment control, security, and fire protection. These will be a burden on your IT budget and resources. Arad ITC has network of world-class data centers, with one of the most extensive regional points of presence in Asia Pacific. In addition to the 12 highly-resilient and secure data center facilities located across Iran, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong, we also have access to more than 20 data centers across China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Europe and USA, allowing us to deliver managed hosting services to clients with a regional footprint.

    • Enjoy minimal capital investments for world-class infrastructure
    • Cost saving as our data centers are connected to Arad ITC's secure and reliable global WAN network for high-speed access
    • High resiliency with uninterrupted power source & cooling redundancy
    • Peace of mind with 24 X 7 security comprising of physical security, contactless access system, rack locking systems and digital recording surveillance cameras
    • Focus on your core business while Arad ITC takes care of your IT operations
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