Machine 2 Machine

M2M platform provides flexibility to the vendors for integration with satellite Gateways and multiple cellular networks. It will help for provisioning, de-provisioning of the devices. Pulling and segregating the billable CDR’s from satellite gateways then generating invoices. The platforms come with inbuilt diagnosis and troubleshooting which will help to service provider to monitoring and configuring the platform to get best possible outcome

  • Single point for all devices management and Potential new revenue source
  • Robust platform with comprehensive reach and device ecosystem
  • Reduced CAPEX/OPEX with transparent licensing models
  • Tailor made solutions for different capacity deployments
  • Flexible Pricing/Rate Plans/Billing support and higher granularity
  • Supports for multi-tenancy for MVNO and virtualized/cloud deployments
  • Single point of connection Single point of connection for all device management
  • Continuous round the clock Continuous round the clock monitoring of the remote assets and devices
  • Any time any place anywhere Any time any place anywhere updates of the devices
  • Highly scalable as there is No limits to Highly scalable as there is No limits to number of devices connected and reliable in terms of Security
  • Cost effective and eliminate the Cost effective and eliminate the need of physical presence to the sites
  • Support for wide range Support for wide range of industries/devices
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