What We Have Done

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  • MCI and Arad ITC agreement for B2B content aggregation and management of USSD and VAS Portal.
  • Arad ITC installs USSD Gateway and associated VAS for 2 circles of a leading GSM operator in Iran.
  • Arad ITC to provide the USSD Gateway, Self-Care, Campaign Manager, Tele voting, Collect Call, and Callback to Tata DoCoMo in Iran.


Arad ITC Manages*5000# short code of Content based service for Iran.


Arad ITC provides Media platform and Content Management System at Iran.


  • Arad ITC hosted servers in Iran for government customers.
  • Arad ITC goes live with the first version of Arad LMS.


  • Arad ITC installs Unified Messaging Platform in 2 Bank of Iran.
  • Arad ITC to install USSD Gateway at all zones of a GSM operator having 70+ million subscribers in Iran and to manage USSD based VAS.
  • Arad ITC provides VAS through retailer's service to many CP in Iran.
  • Arad ITC offers Content Management System at many organizations in Iran.


  • Arad ITC joins hand with Tavana to provide the devotional services over SMS & Voice portal.
  • DPHML signed up with Arad ITC for providing the Reverse Auction Platform.


  • Arad ITC upgrades its CDMA SMSC to enable Cross Messaging Technology Platform (GSM and PSTN) on its CDMA SMSC platform.
  • Arad ITC installs its Bulk Messaging Platform at many company in Iran.


  • Arad ITC installs SIS Gateway and associated LMS for 2 circles of a leading Learning organization in Iran.
  • After successful deployment of SIS portal in Iran, Arad ITC signed up to deploy the M-Learning platform.


  • Arad ITC installs 36 organization portal.
  • Arad ITC gets incorporated.
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